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Halloween Sale!

MAJOR SALE THROUGH HALLOWEEN! From midnight tonight through midnight Sunday Central Time, Atlantis Scalar has a ten percent off sale on all services. THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO RECEIVE THE ABUNDANCE AND WONDERFUL TRANSFORMATION YOU SO RICHLY DESERVE. Take advantage of the interest free payment plan.

In the Energy Repair Protection and Enhancement service (and the tune-up version), we have added the following that might help boost prior energy work:

  1. Clearing out old karma
  2. Releasing trapped emotions
  3. Cutting ancestral DNA
  4. Reunited lost soul fragments
  5. Grounding
  6. Anchoring the Higher Self within the energy body

These are included for all lifeforms in the household. And this, of course, is on top of all the other components of the service.

Here is the link to the main service page:

Here is the link for the Energy Repair Protection and Enhancement:

Here is the link to the Energy Repair Protection and Enhancement Tune-Up:


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