Tell Tale Signs and NEW SALE

First, for those of you who slip into a Turkey Coma on Thanksgiving (or know someone who does), Erik has decided to CUT THE SNORING RELIEF SERVICE BY $100! It works like a charm in almost everyone, including my husband. (Having the Energy Repair Protection and Enhancement first helps, of course.) So starting Midnight Central Time tonight lasting through Midnight Central Time on Thanksgiving, click to order:

Speaking of the ERPE, as you know, we’ve added 7 enhancements, including the release of all trapped emotions. Erik wants everyone to know that some members in the household that have a particularly large amount of such emotions may actually feel more emotional for a few days. That’s okay. It means it’s working.

Along those same lines, for those of you who have had the Heavy Metal and Chemical Detoxification done, you might notice a few days of diarrhea. Nothing extreme and it’s never associated with other symptoms like abdominal pain or nausea. Just see this purge as a sign that it’s working! I have a sneaking suspicion that Erik does this on some people even when they’ve ordered something else like the Energy Repair Protection and Enhancement because some have reported this symptom after that. Erik and the rest of the Divine Team often sneak in other services.

Two last announcements: Erik and I would be very grateful if any of you would write up a short testimony about how scalar energy has helped you or someone you love, even if just a few sentences. You can send it to The last announcement: I’m going to take this week off. I really need to recharge my batteries. So if you have an order number of 1207820 or higher, I plan to do your work the week after Thanksgiving.

I hope you understand! Love you all!

Elisa (and of course, Erik)

7 thoughts on “Tell Tale Signs and NEW SALE

  1. Penelope Grumbine Hornock says:

    Thank you for all of your hard work Mama Bear 🐻 Enjoy your wellearned rest . Sending love to you and all of the family. Love you ErikπŸ₯°

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