Contest Reminder!

Video Contest


For all recipients of scalar energy healing:

Please submit a short video with your feedback about the results you or a loved one had from scalar energy services. Documentary/Filmmaker/Producer, Paola Marino, will judge them all. The winner will receive $800 worth of scalar services. Second prize will be $400 worth of services and third prize will be $250 worth of services (perfect for the ERPE Tune-up.)

All other submitters will receive a $50 coupon for their hard work.

Please use horizontal mode if you use your mobile phone. Make sure the camera/phone is on a steady surface rather than being handheld. Also make sure the lighting is good.

Paola will likely want to use many or all of these clips for the upcoming Scalar Energy documentary she’s planning, so be sure to let us know if you DON’T want your clip to be a part of that. In any case, she’ll have you guys sign releases.

Send them to DEADLINE: Valentine’s Day (February 14th)

Good luck!

4 thoughts on “Contest Reminder!

  1. Mary says:

    Hope you feel better Elisa!! Take a salt bath❤️🙏! Thank you in advance for all of your bad assery 😎! I would like to learn also what you are doing to help others🥰.

  2. Ingrid Dittrich says:

    I did the Energy repair protection and enhancement . Sometimes before Christmas I can’t participate in the contest. because what happened to me can’t be recorded. 4 years ago my girl age 12 then was taken away from me by a judge who truly believed her stepfather had more to offer to her 100 % custody given to him. I went to court without a lawyer. During those years she lives with him she was induced in alcohol drugs and abused emotionally and physically. The initial two years he did not allow me to see her but when she began to grow up she would call me on whatsap as her phone was connected to him regular phone call. One day I received a phone call where she asked me for help and I decided to move to CO where she is now. My daughter had continuous panic attacks and depersonalization/dissociation. After I did the scalar therapy she began to behave calmer and more optimistic about life. Not as much the imprisonments within nor desires to finish the suffering. What is crazy is that her stepfather threatened me and here so much these days she went to live with some of her friends a few blocks away. She lives at the sheriffs family members a few blocks from me which I think is a miracle because I don’t know them, her friend from school offered this, they are best friends. Her stepfather father won’t mess up with them but yet he continues to harass me and threaten me. It has been a gradual separation from this incredible abuse she is not with him anymore even if legally he can claim her he won’t dare the fear of going to jail immobilizes him. A few days after I ordered Scalar energy I felt waves of energy coming up from my feet and turning in to some sort of strong electricity/ vibration “wave” all the way down from my shoulders to my ankles. So front side was super strong I had intense chills but once down my shoulder and down my spine turns different as an electricity with a very strong vibration as if it was heavy water or a heavy watery gel I can’t explain it. I know I could have placed my hands on a sick person and helped!! I just knew it not that I did that. My home for now and for a year is an rb&b I have a large backyard and many many deer pasture here. During those days I ordered the Scalar energy treatment, several deeply wounded bleeding deer came to sleep in my backyard one after another one it was amazing to watch how they came with this large bleeding spots from their skin torn off I could see their muscles out. I began to think about scalar energy helping them heal. I called Colorado animal rescue but no one could help me so I prayed and to my surprise after three days laying down in my backyard they would stand up healed. I built a relationship to deer and squirrels and they know me. I was amazed how the deer that were wounded came back totally healed not very long ago and to my backyard as a way to say thank you because of the way the looked at me and how they approached me. I was able to recognize their marks over the skin growing new fur/ hair. I rejoiced so so much!! Scalar energy built a sanctuary of protection for my daughter for me even for deer and squirrels that can’t be recorded. It is ok because I experienced it amazingly. My daughter is away from horror she lives with a nurse and her teenager daughter and she is healing I am at home here helping her get a new phone and with money so she doesn’t have to receive anything from her perpetrator step father. I am loving her from here and see her often! She is blooming lovingly and strong I know. When I contacted Elisa I was desperate. Today I post this to express how thankful I am. I have peace My girls have peace and we are protected. What a beautiful state to be even animals recognize it. 💜 Thank you dear Elisa. You reach deep where regular therapy may not. Please understand all reading this… I am using English as a second language so my descriptive spelling may feel different to you. In the end is the language we all speak is the language that unifies us as one. Elisa your life’s purpose is immense and changes lives. Thank you is just simple to say but truthful in my heart.

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