A Few Important Announcements

Hello beautiful people!

Here are a few announcements that you won’t want to miss:


DON’T MISS OUR NEXT ATLANTIS SCALAR YOUTUBE LIVE! There will be a free giveaway for the first one who says, “We love Courtney Dillon!” in the chat thread. It’s this Thursday February the 10th at 2:30PM PT/3:30PM MT/4:30PM CT/5:30PM ET!


Do NOT keep typing the same question in the chat line.

We need first names and towns/cities whenever possible.

Do not pay by using Top Chat. This is entirely free for a reason.

One question per customer, please.

No medical questions allowed.

Here’s the link:




For all recipients of scalar energy healing:

Please submit a short video with your feedback about the results you or a loved one had from scalar energy services. Erik will judge them all. The winner will receive $800 worth of scalar services. Second prize will be $400 worth of services and third prize will be $250 worth of services (perfect for the ERPE Tune-up.)

All other submitters will receive a $50 coupon for their hard work.

Please use horizontal mode if you use your mobile phone. Make sure the camera/phone is on a steady surface rather than being handheld. Also make sure the lighting is good.

Paola will likely want to use many or all of these clips for the upcoming Scalar Energy documentary she’s planning, so be sure to let us know if you DON’T want your clip to be a part of that. In any case, she’ll have you guys sign releases.

Send them to elisa@atlantisscalar.com. DEADLINE: Valentine’s Day (February 14th)

Good luck!


A lot of you wonder when your service will be complete after the order is made. It’s usually between one and two weeks.


Check out the Atlantis Scalar YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell so you won’t miss something like this one:


Be sure to share so that other people can get the help that scalar energy, Erik and the rest of the Divine Team has the power to provide!

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  1. Inerchild2000@gmail.com says:

    Although I appreciate the Valentine’s Day sale for love, in addition to love,I was hoping that you offered a discount for some health related scalar services. please let me know when you offer a discount for finance and health related scalar services

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