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According to Erik through several mediums, we are finally finished with everything we can add in the way of enhancements to the Energy Repair Protection and Enhancement service! In mid October, we introduced the Elohim to the Divine Team who agreed to perform those 7 enhancements you all know about. And on February 22nd, 2022, the Elohim agreed to block bleed through from events and experiences from other lives to the present life. Now, the only things that could possibly hinder success of this service includes the following:

Irrevocable spiritual contracts (very rare)

Subconscious or conscious resistance (the belief that it’s too good to be true or the belief that you are not worthy of happiness, health, wealth, etc.) Watching the testimonials on the Atlantis Scalar YouTube channel can help combat that.

Lack of self-love (which causes resistance described above.)

Any tune-up you order in the future will take care of these 8 new additions.

A reminder: we have an option at checkout to pay over 4 months for any service, so please take advantage of that.

A few requests:

Please be sure to post a review from the page of the service you received.

Please share your success on social media.

Last, I know it’s a pain but please, please, please write a short testimonial and send it to me at Feel free to send a short video, too!

Love you all!

Elisa and Erik

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