Important Deadlines!

Before sharing two deadlines, I have a few announcements. First, I am pleased to say that my eldest daughter told me that shortly after doing the Relief from Snoring scalar service on her husband, he is snore-free. She’s grateful for the extra sleep! Second, her nine-month old daughter has responded very well to the Relief from Allergies scalar service. No more snotty nose (which she had had for months!)

I also want to let everyone know that once you place an order, it generally takes an average of 10 days to work through the backlog. You all know that I work very hard, and I love what I do. Sometimes I must take a weekend off to recharge my batteries, but in that way, I can do a better job for you!

Now for the deadlines:

The Relief from Allergies sale expires midnight tonight, central time.

Be sure to use the option at checkout to pay interest free over four months!


Now for the second deadline: Erik has a surprise! Anyone who orders any Atlantis Scalar Service on Saint Patrick’s Day, from Midnight the 16th through Midnight the 17th will receive a service for Increased Luck and Opportunity along with what they order! These are all Central Time so you might need an online time zone converter. You don’t have to email me or do anything else. I will know by the date and time of your order, and I will let you know when I email you that the service was done. Time to try the lotto or a scratch-off? Maybe!

Don’t forget to send me testimonials, both written and video!

Enjoy this testimonial:

3 thoughts on “Important Deadlines!

  1. says:

    Hope this goes through with the new phone and number. I wanted to send a full mo but now I am trying the split it. I would have preferred all at once so I not have to think about it but by the grace of God I get through unlike last year. I feel lousy. Very, very lousy and weak and horrible. Namaste.

  2. Caroline Reid says:

    Thanks Erik, i would love the surprise service for increased luck and opportunity 😍missed it by 3 days, just purchased the Energy Repair Protection and Enhancement on Monday 14th March.
    Hi Elisa so thanks for Erik’s surprise wonderful gift so going to treat myself to the Boost in Self Love now, (i know you will need to do the ERPE first) Happy St Patrick’s Day from Ireland ☘️

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