Clarification of Luck and Opportunity Freebie

Several people are requesting the free Abundance of Luck and Opportunity because they’ve ordered services in the past, often several. But it doesn’t work that way. This freebie will be included for all services we haven’t started through all orders until 8:00 AM Central Time tomorrow (less than 24 hours from now.)

The reason? EVERY service has a set mandatory script and frequency set that takes a significant amount of time. It’s easier and less time-consuming for me to add the script and frequencies for the Luck service in the script for another service. For example: the ERPE typically takes 10-14 hours. If I just add the script and frequencies for the Luck service with that, it takes only 12-16 hours. As a standalone, the Luck service takes about 4 hours, 2 of the mandatory that occurs with all services and 2 of specific things.

If everyone who has had services in the past (hundreds of individuals and households) expected me to devote 4 hours of work for free, that would mean I’d be working for free for months. It’s just not tenable. I need to be able to pay Lukas his salary.

I hope everyone understands.

Meanwhile, here is important information:

These three wonderful mediums can answer yes or no questions for a reasonable fee! Keep this information recorded.
Michelle Gray:
Renuka Ochani:
Denise Ramon (Click on “Ask Erik”)

8 thoughts on “Clarification of Luck and Opportunity Freebie

  1. Caroline Brunet says:

    Hello Mrs Medhus,

    I just discoverd your work…watching a few video of you and Courtney or Michelle. Thank you so much! I would like to use your treatment to regain energy. I dont quit see how to make a reservation with you? Do I need to be there in person? ( I’m Canadien and leave in Quebec) or can it be done otherwise? Thank you. Caroline 514.265.8123

    • Elisa Medhus says:

      Hey sweet girl I sent you a couple of emails. No you don’t have to be here in person. That’s the wonderful thing about scalar energy. It carries information and travels infinite distances without degradation. We just need full legal names of every life form that lives under your roof including you of course and also we need an accurate physical address.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Elisa, on January 7th, 2022 I had the Age Reversal service. I believe I’m beginning to see results when I look in the mirror. I am so pleased and happy. If there is a reinforcement service for age reversal please let us know. I feel like I don’t want it to stop lol!!! Thank you and Eric so much for coming to our aid. I can’t live without Atlantis Scalar Services. Loads of love and light♥️

    • Elisa Medhus says:

      As long as you’re progressing, you don’t need any “tune-up” until the 6 months point. We’ve added a lot to the script for age reversal like increased nitric oxide, SOD and other things! Maybe you can write a testimonial?

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