This and That!

Hey all!

As many of you already know, Erik extended the Abundance of Luck and Opportunity for a bit. It takes an average of 2 weeks to manifest, but be sure you heighten your awareness for good stuff coming your way and PLEASE let me know if good luck comes your way.

Speaking of…I still would love to get both written and video testimonials from you guys. I get a lot of emails sharing wonderful and even miraculous results but those don’t seem to be translating into actual formal testimonials. I sure would appreciate them!

One important announcement: Erik has REDUCED THE PRICE of the Healing Recommendations to $30 and with that, you get a $30 coupon to put toward any service. You can find it in the Answers category but you have to click on “Shop More Categories” to get to that one.

Again, here are the links if you want Yes or No questions answered for cheap:

Michelle Gray:

Renuka Ochani:

Denise Ramon

(Click on “Ask Erik”)

Be sure you subscribe to the Atlantis Scalar YouTube channel and attend the YouTube Live tomorrow at 4:30 PM for the chance to win a giveaway! I’ve posted the link with instructions all over Facebook!

Later, sweeties!


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