Starting just after midnight Central Time, Erik is having a Spring Sale on the two scalar energy services that are all about renewal and growth, 20% OFF both! So Spring-like of Erik!

The first is the Age Reversal service for humans and pets:

Recently added to this service: Increased intracellular superoxide dismutase and nicotinamide  adenine dinucleotide, lengthening of telomeres, increase and activation of stem cells, rejuvenation of all cells, tissues and organs, increase numbers and activity of fibroblasts, increase collagen in the dermis and 14 pages of other instructions for the scalar field!

The second is the Hair Growth service for humans only:

Recently added to this service: Reversal of follicular miniaturization, lengthening of anagen phase of growth, normalization of hair follicle’s response to dihydrotestosterone, blockage of al genetic expression responsible for hair loss and about 12 other pages of other instructions for the scalar field!

5 thoughts on “SPRING SALE!

  1. Margaret Schneider says:

    Would absolutely LOVE to have everything reversed, but wouldn’t that accomplish everything at once? (Reversing age, reverses everything else that has come upon us…??) Just a tad steep when living off of a small 401K ….. came to mind … I won’t be leaving anything for my children as it is…..
    Right now … looking for the “what do I need” thing, but I haven’t seen a “search” option, so …. doing it manually.
    Love always —

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