Video Testimonial Reward!

Hey all!

Erik wants me to give everyone who submits a video testimonial a $50 coupon. It can be short if you want. Paola recommends that these are filmed in good lighting and, if using a mobile phone, that it be stabilized and in the horizontal position. Please email your clips to!

Also, Erik just added something pretty incredible to the Age Reversal and the Relief from Hypertension services: Increasing Nitric Oxide (Think Super Beets) levels in the cells and in the endothelial lining of the blood vessels.

Two more announcements: Since the last three sales, I’m a bit backlogged so expect 10-14 days before your service is done. We probably won’t have any sales for a while so I can catch up, but I always leave that up to Erik.

Last, I’m a little sad that some people are defaulting on their payments. I work so so hard to do these services, so I wish they would wait until they have the money before ordering. I have to make enough to pay Lukas his salary. That’s the main concern. So those of you who haven’t honored their payment plan, please do. It makes me feel unappreciated.

Love you!


4 thoughts on “Video Testimonial Reward!

  1. says:

    Elisa l am sorry to hear that people
    are defaulting on their payments.
    I find this to be very rude and insulting.
    I paid in 4 payments also and l would’ve never ever thought on defaulting after purchasing.
    People are very selfish and this actually makes me angry.
    Sorry to hear !

  2. Kathleen says:

    Dear Elisa and Erik, I am so thankful for all the services I have received. I’ve received 4 for me and 2 for my children. Every service has been wonderful. I am now seeing the effects of age reversal and I’m so excited!! Thank you Elisa and Erik for these miracles. I love the both of you so much!

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