New Commercial!

Filmmaker and dear friend, Paola Marino has created a new video ad to be used on YouTube. (Although it will be cut into smaller segments for each ad.) I think it’s brilliant, just like her! Check it out:

Want a $50 coupon? Then you, too, can make a short video testimonial and send it to me at

NEWS FLASH: I just added script to make sure during the ERPE that you endorphin levels triple daily. Endorphins are instrumental in modulating the immune system and controlling the body’s inflammatory response. Inflammation is at the root of almost every disease and condition, even autism, heart disease and cancer. Always adding anything to help my beloved peeps.

Be sure you get your tune-up after six months have passed since your portal work…just like a dental cleaning, but for your energy.

Last, I’m running out of written testimonials. I’d be VERY grateful if you could take the time to write one up.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and grandmoms out there!


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