Mental Illness and Scalar Work

First, before going into the main subject, I want to encourage you to click on this link and subscribe to the Atlantis Scalar YouTube channel. I don’t want you to miss any informative videos and great offers:

Now about mental illness. As you know, although rare, scalar energy doesn’t work for a very small percentage. The reasons:

  1. Irrevocable spiritual contract
  2. Resistance/Lack of belief (Thought creates reality so it’s a battle of will between the “thought” in the intent script and the person’s attitudes.)
  3. Having had the ERPE before the last enhancement (February 22, 2021) where the Elohim blocks adverse bleed through from other lives.
  4. Untreated or inadequately treated mental illness.

If you or a person you are ordering has a mental illness, please be sure to have a mental healthcare provider help them first. Once stable, you’re ready to go.

A few other announcements:

One person asked me if scalar energy could resolve problems with mice infestation. Erik says no, probably because he doesn’t want harm to come to any living creatures, but what I’ve found effective is to place dryer sheets (like Bounce) in all possible entry points like weep holes along the foundation, attic entry points, etc.

I am still offering a $50 coupon for all video testimonial submissions so please send them (they can be short) to

Also, for those of you who received the “Abundance of Luck and Opportunity” service for free, I’d love to have some feedback! I’m also calling out for written testimonials.

So far, there has been a hugely positive response to those who have had the ERPE Tune-Up, particularly those performed after the last enhancement in February. If it’s been more than 6 months since your first service, it’s time to get your tune-up.

Speaking of “luck”, I should have done that service on myself because the morning I left for the airport for my much needed vacation, I felt sick. I got worse and worse and ended up having Covid pneumonia. It spoiled the entire 5 day vacay. But thank you so much for all the well wishing and the healing energy many of you sent!

Love you all!


3 thoughts on “Mental Illness and Scalar Work

  1. Milla Queiroga says:

    Dear Elisa, I’m so sorry to hear about your health issue. If is there any person that deserves a vacation, that person is you! Take care of yourself girl!!! You spend lots of energy and time doing the Scalar work. And I’m deeply grateful that even not feeling 100% well you continue to do this work an helping gazillions of us. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!
    I just booked my tuneup!!!
    I am excited waiting the results…Love you immensely!! (Hi Erik)

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