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  1. shocco77@gmail.com says:

    Elisa, I am so sorry about the loss of your family member. My dear sister Dot was buried yesterday.
    I have already paid for the ERPE. I dont know what all it covers, i need to tell you what is bothering me so much. I am type 2 Diabetic. I have painful , numbing, Pherperil Neuropathy in both hands up to elbows, also both feet all way to both knees. I cant hardly write anymore. I ,m having trouble walking , and balance is off. i have had some very bad falls lately. I am 77 , praying i dont break any bones. I am still depressed from the loss of my daughter Lynn, now my sister Dot, she had cancer.
    My husband Ken has COPD. My son Kenny is a Alcoholic.
    Thank you so much Elisa,
    Elizabeth J. Smith
    365 Shocco Springs Rd. also,, my Son Kenny lives next door, with 2 cats, 377 Shocco Springs Rd. but he stays at our house mostly. He tells me his house has spirts there, they talk to him. The land to his house connects to ours,,,Is it possible to clear his land about 2 acres and ours is about 1&1/2 acres.
    Talladega, Al. 35160

    • Elisa Medhus says:

      My condolences, sweetie! I have been working on the property. I’m leaving for Norway tomorrow AM for my father-in-law’s funeral but I plan to work throughout. At least as best I can. We won’t have the radio show on the 19th but will the following Tuesday if you want Erik to bring Dot and Lynn forward for a message. It’s best to reach me via email since I don’t always check comments daily. elisa@atlantisscalar.com. In a recent post, I shared a partial list of everything that comes with the ERPE and it’s a lot!

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