Ask a Medium

Many of you wish to confirm what scalar service would be best for you or a loved one and if a particular service will be successful. Here are links to the mediums that can answer your questions for a very cheap price:

Michelle Gray:

Renuka Ochani:

Denise Ramon

(Click on “Ask Erik”)

Again, I always recommend the main service (ERPE) to begin with, and give it at least 6 weeks before ordering anything else.

In the next newsletter, I’ll give you a list of all of the many components of the ERPE.

Be sure to submit testimonials, written and video. I really could use them. Every video entry will get a $50 coupon against future services, and we could use them for the eventual documentary.

Speaking of documentaries, the Channel Erik one is in the final phase. The draft has been viewed by one group and it received immense and heartfelt praise. Now it’s going to the second group, and then post production! Exciting. COVID delayed things but I believe the wait will have been worth it!

Just a note: I generally have a 7-10 day wait period from the time of order to the time of completion.

Love you all!


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