Our Main Scalar Service


The Energy Repair Protection and Enhancement service transcends all time, space, lifetimes, dimensions, frequencies and more.

All non-benevolent beings, entities and spirits are blocked, removed and, when possible, destroyed.

The void left behind after the above is filled in with love and light.

All earthbound and non-benevolent spirits are guided/forced into the light.

All black magic, curses, spells are revoked and reversed.

All vows (poverty, chastity, etc.) are revoked and reversed.

The above two usually originate in ancient times. These are essentially thoughts, and as per the laws of physics, “Thought created reality.”

All ancestral DNA that no longer serves is cut.

All old karma that no longer serves is cut.

All lost soul fragments are found and reattached.

All trapped emotions are released and cleared out.

Masculine and feminine energies are put into the ideal state of balance.

Every lifeform in grounded into their energy body.

The Higher Self of all humans is anchored into the energy body.

The energetic vibration of all lifeforms in raised to the highest frequency.

The land is sealed from all harm.

At least 5 shields are placed on every lifeform, the home, all possessions and the land the home is on.

All portals that should be open to let in abundance are open for the energy of all lifeforms in the household, the house, the land and all possessions.

All portals that should be closed to block negative energy and entities from entering are closed for the energy of all lifeforms in the household, the house, the land and all possessions.

Adverse effects from other lives are blocked from affecting the current life of all household lifeforms.

The energy of all lifeforms in the household is cleaned.

All energetic blockages in the energy of all lifeforms in the household are cleared.

All harmful alien implants are removed from all lifeforms in the household.

At the end, all traces of negative energy are removed from all lifeforms, the home, etc.

The fullest Divine potential of every lifeform in the household is unleashed and achieved and activated

All beneficial dormant genes in every lifeform in the household are unlocked and unleashed and expressed.

14 thoughts on “Our Main Scalar Service

  1. ljoyce says:

    This service has helped me so much! I recommend this for everyone but especially for empaths. I’m looking forward to ordering more services in the future. Thank you!

  2. shocco77@gmail.com says:

    Morning Elisa,
    I ordered the ERPE late yesterday. Can you still add the free Libedo Erik has offered. I have been behind on reading about Atlantis Scalar, and watching your video,s on it. I am beginning to understand it more, My Precious Sister Dot Searcy passed from Cancer late Thursday night, Is it tonight that i call in. what,s the number? i probably missed your info on tonight, my zip code is 35160, cell # 256-493-9283… Talladega, Alabama.. Elizabeth Smith.

    • Elisa Medhus says:

      If you email me your phone number, I’ll find you on the studio board and you can ask whatever you want. The libido service was part of a temp sale. But I’m sure we’ll have it from time to time anD THE MAIN SERVICE MIGHT EVEN HELP YOU WITH THAT, PARTICULARLY THE RELEASE OF TRAPPED EMOTIONS.I have all the info and phone number to call in on my Facebook profile and the AS and CE pages and groups. My email is elisa@atlantisscalar.com. I don’t check comments frequently. Also, asking Erik to help Dot with her transition.

  3. mommilis says:

    I have just ordered for the 1st time, yesterday. I ordered the Main Service to start. Super Excited for the results ! Thank You Elisa for ALL You Do ! HUGE HUGS!!

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