Leaving for Norway

Hi all. As many of you know, my wonderful father-in-law died this week. Rune and I are leaving for Norway tomorrow, but I plan to take what I need to continue working whenever I can. Believe it or not, we were supposed to go on a 7 day camping trip to Orange Beach, Florida with two of our grandkids at exactly this time, but that’s now postponed to two days after we return from Norway. We considered cancelling, but the kids were so excited and delaying it much more would mean that they wouldn’t be able to go because school starts August 16th. I won’t work during this trip because I can’t take scalar equipment camping on the beach! But I am a workhorse and will catch up with all orders ASAP.

I’m posting a video on the AS channel (scheduled for Monday) to teach your guys how to heal yourself.

Meanwhile, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to get written and video testimonials from you. Those do so much to lift my spirits! You can email me those at elisa@atlantisscalar.com. I don’t often check comments (because I forget!) so please use email to communicate with me!

Love you all!


2 thoughts on “Leaving for Norway

  1. Karen Linnemeyer says:

    I heard on the CE channel that Dad-in-law is good to go over thereπŸ˜‡. Hearts and prayers are with you. Then enjoy your fun trip in Florida with the kids! Thank you for the ERPE yesterday, I will keep you posted. 😘

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