How to Capture Angels and Dark Entities on Camera!

Before I share the iPhone settings to photograph angelic beings and dark/negative entities, I have a couple of housekeeping issues to announce.

First, thanks so much for your patience with my being overseas for so long to plan and attend my father-in-law’s funeral/memorial service. I plan to post a YouTube on the AS channel on Monday. Unfortunately, now I’m about 10-14 days backlogged but you know me, Ms. Workhorse. I’ll catch up soon!

Second, I’m very pleased with the consistent success of the Infection Eradication scalar service, particularly in those who have had the initial ERPE. One woman was cleared of all parasites without having been on anti-parasitics. Another one was cleared of Hepatitis C, again without any pharmacologic intervention. Imagine the shock of the healthcare providers!

Third, if you’ve had a scalar service, say, for Age Reversal, Relief from Hypertension, Weight Optimization or basically anything else and didn’t get much success, the Atlantis Scalar Tuneup could be just the thing to turn things around. Why? Because I’m always adding to the script. I constantly research current physiology, pathophysiology and even biochemistry all the time, in part through my required CME (Continued Medical Education). Any new information gets written into the script. Also, I recently added adverbs to nearly everything, particularly “Immediately,” “Completely,” and “Permanently.” These are all read literally via the scalar energy waves.

Last, be sure to never include anyone in your ERPE order notes that doesn’t truly live with you. If we don’t also do the service on that person’s home, land, possessions and all lifeforms living in that home, things will likely get worse for that person, particularly if there are darker entities around and attached. This just pisses them off.

Okay, enough of the announcements. Here are the settings for your iPhone. One set is to photograph angelic beings and the other set is to photograph the nasties. Sorry I don’t have settings for Android phones.

iPhone Settings to Capture Negative Entities

Filter: Silvertone

Exposure: ¼ from the right

Highlights: ¼ from right

Shadow: ¼ from the right

Contrast: ¼ from right

Brightness: ¼ from the right

Brilliance: ¼ from the right

Blackness: ¼ from the right

Saturation: Far right

Vibrance: Far right

Warmth: Far right

Tint: Far right

Sharpness: ¼ from right

Definition: ¼ from the right

Noise reduction: Far left

Vignette: ¼ from left

iPhone Settings to Capture Angelic Beings

Filter: Dramatic Warm

Exposure: ¼ from left

Highlights: ¼ from left

Shadow: ¼ from left

Contrast: ¼ from left

Brightness: ¼ from the left

Brilliance: ¼ from the left

Blackness: ¼ from the left

Saturation: Far left

Vibrance: Far left

Warmth: Far Left

Tint: Far left

Sharpness: ¼ from left

Definition: ¼ from left

Noise reduction: Far right

Vignette: ¼ from  right



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