YOU Decide the Next Sale!

Erik wants to conduct a new sale on Scalar Services but he wants YOU guys to decide. Some options include discounts on the ERPE for households of your family members or friends or a free add-on service like Age Reversal (pet or human), Relief from Addiction, Boost in Self-Love with a full ERPE service, a blanket discount on all services, etc. But he’s open. If you have recommendations, EMAIL ME (rather than typing it in this comment thread.)

6 thoughts on “YOU Decide the Next Sale!

  1. Patricia Peyser says:

    A few weeks ago I had an ERPE and have been feeling the positive effects since then. I would love if a discount could be offered across the board, on all Scalar services. I think it would encourage people to try a service they are curious about. I personally would try one for Sleep, and gift an ERPE to each of my daughters, etc.

  2. Janice Link says:

    I want to do mediumship as a way to help others and I’m doing tarot as well. It would be awesome to save some money on the mediumship services However I do know this is quote time consuming for you Elisa, so a discount may not be possible. 💜

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