This is huge, guys. First of all, let me say why this sale came to be. I have been feeling a bit guilty about taking so much time off, 9 days in Norway to plan and to attend my father-in-law’s funeral and an additional 7 days for a camping trip with grandkids that we were supposed to have right after his death. What’s more, we need to go to Norway in mid to late September to help move all of “Bestefar’s” possessions out of his home and conduct other duties typical when a loved one dies.

Mind you, I have been working like a dog to catch up, although I do love it, and I think I’ll be completely caught up mid next week. But Erik told me that generosity is the key to my feeling better about all of this so he recommended a sale on scalar services. I asked him what he wanted to place on sale and he told me to leave it “up to the peeps.”

I so appreciate everyone’s input, and of course I’m not going to be able to please everyone, but here’s the details of the sale:

ERPE 20% off

All other services, (including the ERPE Tuneup and the Atlantis Scalar Tuneup) will be 10% off.

Erik wants me to include two free services with every order:

Increase in Financial Wealth

Boost in Self-Love

A lot of you wanted me to include Age Reversal as a freebee, but especially with the many new additions to the intent script, this service just takes way too long! Sorry!

I have two folks that have ordered something today. I want you to please contact Lukas so he can give you a refund because I want you to benefit by this sale. His email is

WHEN WILL THE SALE END? Erik refused to tell me. I might be 24 hours, a few days, weeks, or more. I will ask him on a regular basis but I truly believe he’s keeping this sale open-ended because he has people in mind that need certain services badly and wants to wait until they order them.

GOOD NEWS!! I did a gluten and lactose sensitivity service on a little boy, 7 years old, who desperately wanted to enjoy a REAL birthday cake for his recent birthday. Guess what? It worked! He ate the delicious cake without any untoward effects and was absolutely thrilled!! I still have to pinch myself that this scalar energy work TRULY works. And I’m finding that now, the only failures we see (which are rare) are for those who have irrevocable spiritual contracts and those who are skeptics…I don’t deserve to get better…or This is too good to be true. One can even have these beliefs on a subconscious level, so I STRONGLY recommend everyone binge-watch the Atlantis Scalar YouTube channel’s video testimonials to internalize a more positive belief system.

8 thoughts on “ATLANTIS SCALAR SALE!

  1. Nancy Waugh says:

    I’m sure we all appreciate the sale, but, for goodness sake, Elisa, PUHLEASE! Feeling guilty about going to Norway after your father-in-law’s death, and going on a camping trip? I don’t think many of us would feel guilty about that! So, give yourself a break! No more mea culpas! We are—apparently—a mighty demanding group, but only because you have made something available to us, that is not available anywhere else—at least, not with the same tender loving care. You are appreciated, and not just for your sales. Know that. Thank you.

    Now, Where’s my stuff?! (Hahaha. )

  2. Babymi05 says:

    Hi Elisa and Erik, i would love for Erik to give sale on addictive substances and behavior issues for my son, i am desperate for him to change from this wayward way before it’s too late. Erik remember i asked you if he will change.

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