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Interesting Update

It seems like I’ve been inundated by emails with extremely positive feedback ever since we added the blockage of bleed through from other lives to the ERPE’s starting the end of February 2022. This morning, one AS peep texted me that his Bipolar Disease disappeared, “like waving a magic wand.” Very cool. It could be also because I added script instructing your energetic bodies to unleash your powers of self-healing.

My friend, Angie, sent me a Ted talk about this power to heal ourselves. Now I can’t find that one, but here’s a similar one that I actually like better. Plus it’s shorter. I just bought her book, Mind Over Medicine, which I’ll read while traveling to Norway.

I also added script to increase levels of Oxytocin and Dopamine because I truly believe the love that it triggers, especially self-love, amplifies that self-healing ability. There is no greater transmuter of energy than the energy of Love. Oxytocin is the “hormone of motherly love” and for me, maternal love is sacred and all powerful. Dr. Rankin talks about this a bit.

Thought creates reality, as you know (because I repeat it to the point of annoyance.) and thought energy is actually scalar energy. The healing energy sent by Reiki practitioners is also scalar energy. And this is why Atlantis Scalar services are so successful, especially now. Scalar energy sends the intent script (thoughts, basically) to the person’s energy. The Divine Team floods their energy with their infinitely powerful Divine Love, and I send my sacred, deep and unconditional Love to their energy, too. I also instruct the person to unleash their self-love and their self-healing abilities so you have the instructions and the Love from all sources to help integrate those instructions to transmute the energy. That way, we work together to transform your reality into a new reality full of abundance and love and more. Great recipe. Betty Crocker ain’t got nothing on us!

6 thoughts on “Interesting Update

  1. Mary Claire Degan says:

    Everything you say Elisa is sacrosanct!! I believe it absolutely 🙏🙏 and we all Love you for your dedication in bringing about this amazing healing!❤️❤️ I am getting some very good feedback from my grandson and family (she is bipolar) in Italy, results are starting to show though she knows nothing about it. However l was finally able to speak with Federico, and he actually was receptive 👍👍 l told him to be positive and manifest as much as possible, so l will let you know at the end of the three months, sending you love always, with all my gratitude 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏

  2. Theresa Koenke Diaz says:

    Hi Elisa. Lissa Rankin is great! I read her book years ago and was JUST talking about it to my sweetie last week. Whaddaya know! As a physician yourself, I think you’ll really enjoy this book by a fellow MD.

    Also, I’m feeling really good after the ERPE tune-up and other services you performed on me recently. There’s this overall feeling of general well-being and positivity, and I only just now while typing this comment connected the dots on why my cat seems to be less of a PITA lately (love her though I do, she IS a bit of a PITA princess!) since she was included in the first service over a year ago and now the recent tune-up. Thank you so much!

  3. Maestrak says:

    Thank-you for the Two Talk video. I’m forwarding your email to my Power of 8 group. I’m hoping that they’ll share it with people they’re working with so that those who might not be open to healing themselves will gain a little more info and knowledge about the possibility and realize they have nothing to lose by trying. Hopefulness can be tremendously healing.

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