Moving Energy

I have enjoyed doing the Back to School service so much! Note that it’s not just for students. It’s actually anyone who needs or desires a sharper mental focus, a better memory and over all optimal brain function. However, because of all the elements included in this service, I’ve discovered that it takes a long time to complete, up to 16 hours over two days. So I hope it works well. We’ll see if this is an Atlantis Scalar Service we want to include permanently.

I’ve discovered that it sometimes takes a long time to move energy. With the intent, my thoughts, your thoughts, we are changing light waves into photons. Photons are the particles that are the building blocks of our 3D reality. That change is simple enough…kind of, but rearranging those photons/building blocks, often takes considerable time. Imagine how long it must take to correct the alignment of teeth or to smooth out corneas with those who have astigmatism or to repair a damaged spinal cord.

In the case of the Back to School Special service, imagine the energy that needs to be rearranged to repair neural synapses, to restore executive function, to replenish depleted neurotransmitters and to repair defects in the temporal lobe, the basal ganglia, the amygdala and other parts of the brain! But this can be expedited through the power of your own thoughts. Imagine, using EVERY ONE OF YOUR SENSES, having a perfect memory, solving problems quickly and effortlessly, getting top grades on quizzes and more.

By the way, Lukas is creating a page on the AS website that will list all of the mediums and their contact information that answer yes or no questions for a very inexpensive price. I suggest you use this at the very least to ask two vital questions that are essentially the only reasons that scalar services might not work for you:

  1. Do I have disbelief that could interfere, either consciously or unconsciously?
  2. Do I have any irrevocable contracts that might deny me success?

Love you all!

Elisa and Erik

9 thoughts on “Moving Energy

  1. Mary Claire Degan says:

    Elisa you are a modern day Saint🙏 with Erik’s help you are performing miracles 😇 l would like to give the gift of scalar energy repair to the rest of my family for Christmas. Should l make the request at the end of November? It would be for two more households. Much LOVE ❤️

  2. Snez Simonovska says:

    Hi Elisa,

    I’m fairly new to your healing and find it very interesting and I’am amazed at all the work you e Erik do for some many people in need just wanted to know if I have processed my order properly i understand that their is a waiting period I ask this as feel that I’m running out of time to help my family 💜

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