Trip to Norway and LDN

My husband, my eldest daughter and her little girl, Harper, had such an amazing time in Norway! I didn’t realize how desperately I needed that time to chill off the grid. Getting through Erik’s birthday on the 21st was a big of a challenge but that’s thankfully over.

I will start working again Sunday or Monday!

Check out these photos.

Hallingskarvet Mountain
Harper Loving Nature

While I was in Norway, I spent time reading a new book about LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) called The LDN Book, Volume 2. I plan to discuss this on the next Atlantis Scalar YouTube, but I learned so much I will help me add to and customize scripts for a variety of scalar services, a task I will do throughout the weekend! I recommend this book as well as the first volume to everyone! Volume 3 comes out in November, and I will be sure to get that as well, too.

Happily, I learned that the intent scripts I currently have for everything from autism and cancer to aging and gut health is already there. I also learned that gut health is linked to so many diseases!

Check out these links:

Check out the videos on this page:

Also, don’t forget to take advantage of the Ask Erik page on the Atlantis Scalar website under the favorites tab. Personally, I recommend you use it to ask if a specific scalar service will be effective, if disbelief (conscious or subconscious) or irrevocable contracts might hinder success. For disbelief, I recommend watching as many of the AS YouTube video testimonials as you can.

Thanks for letting me take a break! If you want to comment, please just email me because I don’t often check comments left in these posts.

Love you all!


10 thoughts on “Trip to Norway and LDN

  1. Julia Langmaid says:

    Hi thank you for sending this email, l to have been over to Norway over the years seeing my friend Eve, she lives in the South, although we have gone North over the years. Brown cheese. We had been nurses together.

    Yep, September not easy for me either, my Son’s birthday was on the 1st of September, 32. Although, its been a few years now, but my older brother died
    on the 2nd of September, and younger brother died age 32, his birthday on the 24th.
    Crazy you can’t forget. It was very hard at the time.
    I think the Queens death has brought up a lot of feelings for people.
    Take care kind regards Julia Langmaid

  2. Anette says:

    That is so nice to hear about your trip to Norway,and that you had a nice time here 😍 Actually I live not far from Hallingskarvet, it is about an hour to drive from where I live. I LIVE just over the Mountain to Tessungdalen in Tinn kommune,and it is around 700 m over the ocean so i live very close to the Mountains here, and on the other side of where I live Gaustatoppen Mountain is,that is a known Mountain here that also is about an hour to drive from where I live 🥰 It would be nice to see you some time if you are taking the trip back to Norway. I also want to try the scalar energy some time, but that you might do even if you are not close to me I belive?! I am struggeling a lot with my health and are chronic ill all the time unfortunately very much so. And I am also very very sensitive to everything happening these days in the world,I feel everything,so it is pretty intense some times..,but Luckely i live on the coutryside and here is peace and beautiful nature outside,so even though i am very sick,i am blessed to have nature close by,and greatful for that 🥰💕🙏🏽 And I want to share my excitement and Appreciation for your work and everything you are doing ,and for Eric too,❣I love to listen to him,he is so lovley soul after what I have heard about him and everything that comes trough when he is there. So thank you so very much for everything 🙏🏽💕🌸 Much Love,Light & Gratitude from Anette in Norway 🤗😍🥰💕

    • Elisa Medhus says:

      Yes, it does work remotely! I have worked on a lot of Scandinavians. You are so lucky to live in such beautiful nature! I know the areas you speak of well. You must be on the opposite side of Hallingskarvet from us. Out cabin is in Støremyr above Hol.

  3. Anette says:

    Oh thats great to hear😍 Thank you so much,and I will look into the treatment closer( and maby ask some questions in private about it,related to my situation,and what you can do etc,because I am a very difficult case 🤗🙏🏽😇)
    Yes you are absolutley right,and that makes me smile that you know this area as well😃💕🌸 the world isnt always that big after all🥰🤩😄 and yes I appreciate this place very much,and the nature and everything🤗 But at the same time I have been stuck here for so long,that I really want to be able to travel around the world and watch all kinds of things💕 But time will tell,if my health gets better I will travel,but before that I must say I am greatful for all the beauty around me as it is,and looking so forward to be able to just get outside for a walk again,its around 2 years since last time my body was letting me do that,so its hard,but I try not to give up,and give thanks for what I have 🥰🙏🏽💕🌸 Sending So much Love your way,all the best from Anette ❣

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