Attachment Removal

For some, particularly those who are healers/lightworkers, there are attachments that are very difficult to remove, even with scalar energy. Usually, the attachment is a collective of some sort that follows the person from life to life, and that person often has galactic roots.

I’ve sent two people to Michelle Gray and her friend Helena for a tandem healing with wonderful results. Together, the attachment is removed! If you think you may be one of those people, let me know. I will personally pay Michelle to read your energy to see if you qualify. To learn more, click on this link:

A couple of additional announcements:

Thanks to Annamarie L’s suggestion, I added language to the ERPE intent script to handle adverse influence from birth trauma on the current life.

I’ve also added language to reduce phosphorus levels in the body in the intent script for the Age Reversal service. In other words, I’m always adding and improving every service.

I know some of you are disappointed to see the sale end for the microbiome optimization, but I did give a countdown on Facebook and let everyone know via this newsletter and on all my Facebook pages and my profile when there was 36 hours left. However, every week I ask Erik if he wants to put something on sale so maybe he’ll have me repeat that sale. Part of me hopes not because it’s a beast of a script and is taking me a lot longer than I expected! LOL.

I look forward to hearing from you all for whom the service was done to confirm that gut health is indeed closely linked to physical and mental health issues.

Pray for my family and me. Tomorrow is the anniversary of Erik’s burial, the second most difficult date.

PLEASE send video testimonials. I haven’t received any for a long time despite the emails touting remarkable, if not miraculous results, some even saying that a life has been saved. I know it’s difficult to put yourself out there, but you can film a window or potted plant or framed picture instead of your face as you talk or even read the testimonial. You will receive a $50 coupon if you send one.

Love you all,

Elisa (and Erik)

3 thoughts on “Attachment Removal

  1. Mary Claire Degan says:

    Sending out prayers for these difficult days for your family Elisa🙏 also for a good recovery from Covid for Lukas🙏 AND that you receive the strength and energy for all you DO!! I imagine that working in a Hospital for so many years has tuned your work ethic!? Just don’t burnout!!🤗
    I wish l knew how to make a video for you🙄 l know that my grandsons family is doing better (ERPE was done in July) that’s why my daughter let me do one for her too! (Long Covid) l will definitely get her to do one as soon as she gets her results🤞🤞🤞Meantime l wonder if a tune-up should be done for Federico’s family, since it has been 3 mos. Oct. 15?? Maybe for Christmas?? I have no idea how long it takes to handle BiPolar😔 Please let me know, l want them to heal🙏🙏 Thank you and much Love ❤️

  2. Mary Claire Degan says:

    Yes dear you did, but here in Italy we still haven’t been able to find a source, I’m counting on the ERPE that l ordered from Atlantisscalar to help them.🙏

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