Energy Readings!

Hey all!

Although scalar services rarely fail, sometimes, a dark collective force can be responsible that we can’t, at least for now, get rid of. So if you have something dark haunting you still, I will pay Michelle Gray to read your energy to see if Tandem Healing with her friend, Helena, will help. PLEASE don’t flood me with requests based on your own curiosity because I am not a rich woman. There must be significant evidence for me to agree to pay for the service. You can email me at Do NOT comment here because I always forget to read the comments.

Also, looks like the producer who approached me to do a feature film actually wants to make a television series that will stream on Netflix, Prime, Hulu or something similar. It’s an uphill battle but someone has to make these productions so why not us? Fingers crossed.

Still waiting for testimonials, either written or, preferably, video. We can omit any identifying names and even blur your face. Or you can simply film a potted plant while you speak or read.

More and more articles have surfaced about the connection of gut health and physical and mental/emotional health. This might be another reasons that 4% of you have experienced less than perfect results. I can’t wait to hear from those of you who have received the microbiome optimization scalar service. This is new for me too, so I’m not sure how long we need to wait to expect initial results, but please email me when you do.



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