As many of you know, I contracted influenza a while back, then recovered fully. But recently I have come down with a secondary bacterial pneumonia that has knocked me off of my feet. I spent the entire day in bed. It makes me feel horrible because I have such a huge backlog in scalar work, but it’s impossible for me to give it my all when I feel like this. I hope you all understand that it might take 3-4 for me to complete your orders. I will do the radio show tonight though.

Thank you for understanding and I promise when I am 100% I will work 7 days a week to catch up.


3 thoughts on “Pneumonia

  1. Jeanine says:

    I’m so sorry you are sick. I am trying so hard not to be (sick). I know you are still learning to take care of yourself first but please practice what you preach. It is so hard for us as women, moms, grandmothers…..I will be 60 this year. More important than ever at our age.
    God Bless you,
    Jeanine Cookson from Scottsdale, AZ.

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