What Is Scalar Energy Healing and what are Its Benefits?

In essence, the scientific and practical spheres can frequently be divided without affecting our routines, habits, and behaviors regarding our ways of seeing the world.

For those of us who did not discover a calling for Atlantis Scalar Energy Work early in life, it is all too simple as we age to draw a clear distinction between the world of scientific theory, accuracy, and jargon and the world we live in, engage with and understand. On behalf of that, we are adding better advantages to under scalar energy.

The advantages of scalar energy understanding

Although western science is centuries behind other cultures in understanding scalar energy, you may already be familiar with it under the names Prana, Ki, or Qi (Chi). Scalar energy holds many advantages and potential uses, from energetic healing to being harnessed to safeguard life on earth from volatile solar flares and chaotic activity in the future. We are mentioning some benefits of scalar energy for human health below, which plays a significant role in our life. We have been leveraging these for many years, even before their discovery.

  • Repairs DNA.
  • Boosting the energy of the hydrogen bonds that hold DNA together protects cellular DNA from harm.
  • Stimulates the immune system and cell development in humans.
  • Raises the permeability of cell walls.
  • Supports cell-to-cell communication.
  • Recharges the mitochondria, our cells’ energy hub.
  • Suppression of cancerous cells.

Who can benefit from Scalar Energy Healing?

There is no specific age group or gender that will reveal who can benefit from Atlantis Scalar Energy Work. Till now, we have evidence that with the use of scalar energy, anyone can help in different ways, which are as follows:

  • Using scalar energy, our body’s immune system is stimulated, reducing inflammation and pain.
  • It boosts the quality of sleep and increases power.
  • Help in Viral and bacterial loads.
  • Support in digestive issues.
  • Supportive of critical care.

What results can scalar energy produce?

We can start to heal from the brutal technological advancement that has exposed us all to enormous stress and disease as we become more conscious of the primordial energies that permeate every element of the cosmos. In addition to protecting from the constant barrage of EMF radiation, scalar energy within EMF protection allows our bodies to finally embrace healing as opposed to persistent turmoil and energetic stress.

In the cosmos, there are two energies that Nikola Tesla discovered and created devices to demonstrate: electromagnetic energy, which is widely acknowledged, and scalar energy.

Tesla regarded scalar energy as standing energy or universal waves that could gather without cables or wires and that scalar waves extend outward in energy circles. He felt that scalar energy was a fundamental force that works due to the advantages mentioned above and so many others.


We are in a time where technology is incompatible with the health of living organisms, and chronic illness is increasing at alarming rates; much of it is linked to harmful EMFs. As a result, scalar energy is working wonders in various fields. Suppose this is new for you, and you need clarification about Atlantis Scalar Energy Work. In that case, you can connect with Atlantis Scaler by Elisa Medhus to understand this in a better way.

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