Great news, my lovely peeps: Erik wants me to include the Boost in Self-Love service for any service that is at least $250. If you have placed an order Tuesday or Wednesday, you will still get this add-on, so no worries! The sale will expire on Valentine’s Day at Midnight CT.

Yesterday I had a meeting with the two producers, one developing the documentary and the other producing a television series (entitled “Erik”) and we all came up with some brilliant ideas! The object: convey everything that we’ve learned from my sweet boy, but in a way that’s not sappy or preachy. It’ll have darkness intertwined with comedy (You know Erik!) and will be filled with twists, surprises, cliffhangers, etc. I’ve had many producers approach me out of the blue asking to create a film or series based on my story, but this is the only one that feels right. The producer is a very spiritual woman, very pure of heart. Help us manifest this series by imagining it already existing!

Love to all,


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