Off to Norway!

Mid week, I’m going to Norway to recharge my batteries. I’m going to try to finish as many orders as possible, but after 10 days of rest and recuperation, I’ll be in better shape to catch up when I return!

You may have noticed that I send fewer announcements to you. I just felt I was abusing your inboxes too much, so now I only send you the most important information. We have a sale page on the site so you can check in to see if there are any sales, and Lukas is using Constant Contact to also alert you to sales and other offers. Also, I’m relying on my weekly Atlantis Scalar YouTubes to relay certain information, especially new scientific research I’m incorporating into the scalar intent scripts.

Speaking of sales, the current free add-on of the Boost in Self-Love with any service $250 or more expired at midnight CT tomorrow (Tuesday) the last day of February.

Love you all, and I promise I won’t get lost in the tundra this time!


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