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Heal Yourself Completely in a Natural Way with Chakra Overhaul

Whatever your age, the seven chakras situated along your spine, from the base of your spine to the crown of your head, get blocked and do not let you harness their potential in your life. As a result, you lose balance in your life and feel stuck in your circumstances. But with a chakra overhaul, you can heal yourself completely and feel active, energetic and spiritual.

How Does Chakra Overhaul Work in Your Body?

  • Each Chakra present in your body is aligned with a musical note, a color, and other things, such as symbols and crystals. Chakra overhaul is designed to heal and balance the energy of your body. This is a wonderful method to balance your energy if you are tense or stressed. It will revitalize you from the inside out.
  • Chakra overhaul will bring power and balance back into your life, enabling you to live more joyfully and healthily. It will remove negative energy and bring those things into your life that you desire.
  • Chakras are the epicenter of your life force or Prana, also called Chi. The easiest way to think about your chakras is to imagine them like wheels or cogs running up and down your spine, constantly renewing your energy. In a healthy and well-balanced person, the chakras spin clockwise, and their colors are clear and bright.
  • Each Chakra governs different aspects of your body. The root chakra, located at the bottom of your spine, is associated with the red color, and it rules your sense of safety and security. The root chakra builds your foundation and your connection to the earth. It is also equated with your survival instincts. Remember that a blocked root chakra can cause many problems in your life—lack of confidence, anxiety, financial instability, and problems associated with shelter and food.
  • The second Chakra, also called the Sacral Chakra, is located in the abdomen and is associated with color change. It governs creativity, imagination, sexuality, relationship, and anything related to fertility. If you have a sour relationship with someone, cleaning this Chakra can work miracles.
  • The third Chakra, also called the Solar Plexus chakra, is located at the bottom of the rib cage and is represented by the color yellow. This is also called the power chakra because it works with your confidence, power, intellect, and self-worth. If this Chakra gets blocked, it can cause you to feel frustrated from the lack of control or power and even make you sarcastic, pessimistic, and overly analytical.
  • The fourth Chakra, also called the heart chakra, is the epicenter of the energetic body, and it rules your emotion of love. If it gets blocked, it can cause you to feel bitter, jealous, unloved, and unstable. It is an important chakra because it connects your lower chakras to the upper chakras. It is represented by the color green and is located in the front of the heart.
  • The color blue represents the fifth Chakra, also called the throat Chakra, and it is located in the throat area. The Chakra helps you express yourself and gives you good communication skills. If it gets blocked, you may have difficulties with communication or experience chronic colds.
  • The sixth Chakra, also called the third eye or brow chakra, is located in the middle of the forehead, slightly above your eyebrows. It is represented by the color Indigo and represents intuitive sight and your connection to the spirit world. It also helps you visualize and develop your intuition. If it gets blocked, it can cause poor concentration, confusion, and headaches.
  • The seventh Chakra, also called the crown chakra, is located at the top of the head and is represented by the color white or violet. It connects you to higher guidance and gives you spiritual awareness, and it is also your connection to a higher power.

Chakra overhaul is a wonderful way to heal your mind and body and also help you overcome issues you have spent a lifetime fighting.

At Atlantis Scalar, we offer a complete chakra overhaul at the best price. With it, you will be able to improve your overall health and wellbeing. Moreover, you will have improved and deeper sleep, better control over your emotions, and improved patience.

Briefly Put! Get ready to heal yourself completely in a natural way with a chakra overhaul. It is designed to remove blockages in the seven chakras of your body and make you feel active, energetic, and spiritual.

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