Please Have Mercy

I think most of you know me well enough to agree that I’m a softie, a pushover. Two things: I’ve added so much more script for each service that I send into the scalar field based on my continual research that now it takes me about 2 additional hours for every service, but of course I don’t intend to raise prices.

Lately, people have asked me to do so many services for free. Many ask for do-overs even though all of the mediums have concluded that lack of success is never because of what the Divine Team and I do. It’s ALWAYS because of subconscious blocks and/or irrevocable spiritual contracts.

Yet, people insist and beg. And many tug at my heartstrings saying that they live on welfare, have a disability, etc. What am I to say? I get requests for free services several times a day, and I nearly always say yes because I care. BUT, what about those who pay for the services? What about the stress it places on me? Now, I often make less than those who say they’re too poor to pay for services. My aim has always been to make $25 an hour, far less than the mid 6 figure income I made as a hardworking physician. But now, I’m lucky if I make $15/hour and I still have to pay for overhead, including Lukas’s salary.

Here’s what I propose:

Lack of success is rare. If you want to make sure the service will be successful, ask one of the mediums via the yes or no page or use your intuition, if you trust it. You signed the terms and conditions, meaning there will be no refund if, because of a subconscious block on your part or an irrevocable contract, the service failed. The work–and it’s hard and grueling work–has been done. Asking for a refund is like asking a doctor to give you a refund if an antibiotic fails (especially if you missed a dose or two.)

I will no longer do free services. That’s not fair to those who pay. I feel for those who struggle financially, but if you are meant to receive these services, you will find a way by asking for help from friends, your church, your family or even selling belonging you don’t need. I am only one person who has a set number of hours in the day. I already work around 14 hours a day, seven days a week.

So, PLEASE HAVE MERCY and don’t beg me to do this difficult work free of charge.

Thanks for understanding.

Elisa and Erik

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