Baby Boomer Bundle

From: Original price was: $950.00.Current price is: $807.50.

Age Reversal

Scalar energy’s version of the fountain of youth!

Benign Essential Hypertension

This thoroughly tested Atlantis Scalar service can help you dispense with those costly anti-hypertensive medications that are often riddled with side effects. CHECK WITH YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER BEFORE STOPPING ANY MEDICATION.

Full Body Microbiome Optimization

Hormone Optimization

Restore all hormones to their optimal levels and more.

Cancer Prevention and Relief

The “Big C” strikes fear in our hearts but, especially when combined with the Full Body Microbiome Optimization Scalar Service, there is hope for both humans and our beloved animal companions. This service has instructions targeting destruction of cancers and preventing the development of cancer. BUT you must keep up with your regular cancer screenings and physical exams with your healthcare provider or, in the case of animal companions, the veterinarian.

Weight Optimization

Regain the figure you had when you were young!

Depression Relief

Finally get off those anti-depressants that have so many untoward side effects!

Anxiety Relief

This thoroughly tested Atlantis Scalar service is perfect for those suffering from General Anxiety Disorder in that it relieves them from all unnecessary dread, fear or anxiety. ONE PRICE FOR PETS AND ANOTHER FOR HUMANS.

Boost in Self-Love and Trauma Relief

NO MORE SELF-LOATHING! Gift yourself or someone you love with the self-love you or they deserve!

Energy Repair, Protection and Enhancement

THIS PRICE COVERS HOUSEHOLDS OF ANY AND ALL SIZES! In order to reduce costs and help more people in need, Archangel Erik created this  bundle to address all the aspects that might hinder the success of energy/portal work.

Energy Repair Protection and Enhancement Tune-Up

Addictive Substances and Behaviors

The scalar energy approach to addiction relief has gone through extensive beta testing and the results have been extremely positive for a variety of addictions to both substances and behaviors. RESULTS AS EARLY AS 10 DAYS and major relief around 3 months.

Cognition, Memory and Mental Optimization

Improve your focus, short term and long term memory among other things. A SEPARATE SERVICE FOR DEMENTIA IS AVAILABLE. THIS IS NOT APPROPRIATE FOR SUCH PATIENTS.

Relief from Alzheimer's & Dementia

Clarity of mind is clarity of spirit. Give yourself or your loved one the gift of mental fitness and clarity.

Autoimmune Disease

Stop your body from attacking itself!

Eyesight Optimization

Restore your vision regardless of the etiology of the impairment.

Dental Optimization

Finally get the pearly whites and healthy gums you deserve.  SMILE PROUDLY AGAIN!

Hair and Lash Growth

No more shaving your head, wearing wigs or toupees or using prescription or over-the-counter hair growth products.

Lipid Disorders

No more Lipitor and other cholesterol and triglyceride lowering medication and all of its nasty adverse reactions.

Complete Cardiovascular System Overhaul

Scalar instructions that are sent to the energy of the human or animal are very comprehensive as you will see below.

Increase Physical and Mental Energy

Fully elevate your physical and mental energy to the maximum levels with this thoroughly tested Atlantis Scalar service.

Immune System Optimization

Optimize all components of the immune systems with this energy work.

Pain Relief

This thoroughly tested pain relief energy service has a 100% success rate so far. However, I recommend you purchase a $6 yes or no question to make sure success for you will not be hindered by things like spiritual contracts. If you do not, and the service is not successful, we can’t offer you a refund any more than you would expect a doctor to give you a refund if an antibiotic he or she prescribed isn’t effective.

If joint pain is due to the typical wear and tear of aging, then I strongly recommend you also purchase the age reversal service so that cartilage can be re-grown, etc.

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