Spiritual Gifts Bundle

From: Original price was: $170.00.Current price is: $144.50.

Increase Your Psychic and Healing Abilities

Do you want to hone and increase your psychic gifts? This is the energy work that will accomplish this.

Full Mediumship Service

Seven must-have services for those who want to channel spirit whether as a profession or not!

Complete Chakra and Energy Meridian Overhaul

Get all of your seven chakras tuned, aligned and balanced. It often hastens the positive effects of energy work. [NOTE: READ DESCRIPTION FULLY BEFORE ORDERING!]

Energy Repair, Protection and Enhancement

THIS PRICE COVERS HOUSEHOLDS OF ANY AND ALL SIZES! In order to reduce costs and help more people in need, Archangel Erik created this  bundle to address all the aspects that might hinder the success of energy/portal work.

Energy Repair Protection and Enhancement Tune-Up

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