Unsubscribing, New Rules for Consults and NEW BABY!

Hi my beautiful souls!

As you know, I lowered the price of a Consult from Master Angel Erik Medhus so that people could make sure that they and other members of their family did not have “The Trifecta” that hinders the chance of success for the energy work I do with the Divine Team, particularly portal work: Being an empath, having a lot of energy blocks and/or having spiritual contracts that no longer serve you that deny that success.

Unfortunately, I’ve been swamped with consult orders by many who are just curious and, admittedly, will not order any services. I received 66 such orders in the last 24 hours, so this is an untenable situation for me. It actually takes a lot of prep to get rid of any negative entities or other saboteurs that don’t want you to have empath portection, portal work, etc. so it’s not just asking Erik what you need. So it takes an average of 40 minutes per person.

That said, I’m going to create another consult JUST TO SCREEN FOR THE TRIFECTA for IF you have had portal work. The full consult will go back to the original price. I need to concentrate on people who want help rather than just people who are curious, although there is nothing wrong with that! It’s just that I’m only one person, so… I hope you understand. So order the Trifecta Consult from Erik IF you have had portal work or if you order it at the same time. I will have Lukas suspend consults until he gets that up and running.

Also, you only need the Palo Santo spray for portal work, not for any of the other services. Lukas will make that change as well.

ABOUT UNSUBSCRIBING: Lukas has researched and researched and there is no way to unsubscribe from posts. I will try to decrease the frequency of the posts, and if you definitely want to be unsubscribed, your account has to be permanently deleted. It’s okay if you want that, though. AND we tried to find a way to eliminate the Company Field but it’s a plugin that can’t be customized to put anything you want there. Some have been quite original!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! My 5th grandbaby, a daughter, will enter this crazy but awesome world tomorrow around 7 A.M. She’s breech so it’s a scheduled C-section. Wish us luck and send love and prayers to new Baby Braly.

Check for the aforementioned changes in the next day or two.

15 thoughts on “Unsubscribing, New Rules for Consults and NEW BABY!

  1. Maestrak says:

    Elisa, Are you monitoring your energy? Taking breaks to sit back and just smell the roses? I don’t want you to wear out. I remember that Edgar Cayce was warned to not do so many readings but he felt obliged to keep up at the same pace which may have contributed to his demise. Here’s to Erik not letting that happen.

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