Okay, I’m not going to get pissed because that’s what they want me to do, but I was sitting at the kitchen table sending emails about results with my dowsing rods to my left. I got up for a drink of water to find them gone. I looked everywhere. They’ve done this to my glasses in the past. So I’m hobbled until I get new ones. BUT DON’T STOP READING BECAUSE I HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR ALL OF YOU!

Most important: Erik has created lower cost bundles for a lot of things: the Trifecta (so if you are an empath, have contracts to revoke or a lot of energy blocks to clear, he’ll do it as a bundle at a much cheaper cost than ordering each one separately. Same with what I call the Triplex: Opening the crown chakra, the third eye and decalcifying the pineal gland. He seems to recommend this a lot. So ordering this bundle is cheaper than ordering each separately. He also created a bundle for the Trifecta screening and for the increasing vibrational frequency. Still we don’t want to be too hard on your pocket book (I know, worst business woman ever) so I’m looking into things like Sezzle where you can have some sort of PAYMENT PLAN.

Designer, Dave Banta, created a beautiful hard copy Guardian Angel gift card with hi quality stock, a personalized message from the Angel and even a wax seal for the heavy stock envelope. CHECK IT OUT:


One last thing: For all orders at or over $1000, I’m going to guy Lukas three articles of merchandise and send it to you for free: A beautiful mug, a canvas tote and a dreams and reflection journal.

Wait, one more thing. After working for so many hours and returning to the house (from the “She Shed”) I get dismayed by the huge number of emails. Yesterday I had a total of 121 to answer. So PLEASE, unless you ABSOLUTELY MUST, withhold all but the most urgent of emails. Thanks and I hope you understand.


  1. Sharon says:

    Hi Elisa & Erik ..
    I hope you find the dousing rods soon.

    I saw all the new packages today .. plus all the other services being offered.

    It would be amazing if you could set up a payment plan scheme, I spend about 26 hours of the day (I’m aware there are only 24 but I’m trying to make a point 😆) thinking about how I’m going to save for all the things Erik has suggested for me plus all the extras I want just because I’m greedy like that 😂 so a scheme would be wonderful so I’ll keep my fingers crossed for that.
    Ps) I’m a git for emailing so I promise I’ll do better 😉

    Love & light to you all .

    Thank you all so much for everything I couldn’t do this journey without you ..

    Sharon 🙏🏽 ✨

  2. Christine Caprelian says:

    I had my cell phone disappear and reappear once. I had called it several times to try and find it. When it finally reappeared it was trying to find service and there where no missed calls. My daughter had her keys disappear for two weeks and reappear out of no where. You always have to be on your guard with the unseen.

  3. Sharon Lamp says:

    Who can I talk to, without bothering Dr. E? I purchased around $800 of services last October and…nothing. Nothing that I can tell… I take that back. I had hope. Hope for improvement. That was nice. I hadn’t been able to hope for a long time. That was nice but after the period of time in which I was to see results passed, I became discouraged again. Emotional issues have been exacerbated, likely due to the holidays and grieving for my hubby and physical problems increased during this time-I now have a heart condition. What?!
    Since my work was done in October, I saw a post saying I needed the San Pablo spray before the work was to be done, so I bought it but it didn’t arrive till the end of December, at which point I didn’t know what to do with it. Then I read a post saying if I’m an empathy I needed something else. I really haven’t been able to keep up with it all. Is there a customer service person I could speak with? I’ve thought of emailing Dr. E so many times, but then I kept getting announcement messages asking that we not email Dr. E unless it’s an emergency. Is no results an emergency? Idk, I couldn’t convince myself it was. Instead, I considered that good things could be happening, like building up and I could likely see the results outside of the expected window. I don’t know if that’s possible or not.
    So if there is someone I could feel free to talk to about the services and results, I would so appreciate being put in touch with this person. Thanks in advance to whoever might be reading this and is in a position to answer my questions or provide further direction. Best, Sharon

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