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Good and Bad News

Okay, sorry for another post, but this is going to be short. My husband doesn’t want me to offer the vaccine service anymore. Too much of a medical liability. I will complete current orders, however. I did get my vaccine yesterday and NO side effects. Not even much in the way of tenderness, so I think the service works well.

The good news: Erik gave me frequency sets for 2 new potential services that I will check on myself and another family member first. 1) Energy work to increase clairaudient and clairvoyant abilities and 2) Energy work to increase psychic abilities. It takes 17 days for max effect so I’ll let everyone know whether or not it works in about 3 weeks. I’d love to see and hear Erik AND pick good stocks, LOL.

16 thoughts on “Good and Bad News

  1. Joshua Yates says:

    …AND pick good cryptocurrencies! lol. Actually, I really appreciate your services and by taking action to be available for all. I’m going to order me a Spooky2 soon because I’m learning/remembering more about frequencies, our merkaba, and how our own energy field can truly be of maximum service to all, just by walking around! LOL. Spin our merkaba and within a 50 foot radius we are creating a vortex of grace, wake people up to the Christ Principle!
    FYI, this article is worth the read:

  2. Jennifer Thomson says:

    Hi Elisa and Erik,
    First off, I am so sorry to hear about your grand baby, my prayers go out to you and your family.
    I ordered a yes/no question regarding the safety of my taking the vaccine. I understand completely about the liability involved AND when I ask Jesus about it I was told very clearly to trust my intuition;-)
    So, I have an idea! Could we put the $6 into a special fund that would offset much needed work for those that can’t afford to pay full prices? I’d love an option to add extra for that purpose, and Erik could tell you when someone really needs the help.
    I would like to also put the $20 credit from my consult and work (I had asked you to apply it to my property work if needed, but I’ll gladly pay the extra $20 if it is needed) and think it is a good way for those that can pay it forward;-)
    Thanks for all you do, much love, Jennifer

  3. ourpeacefullhome says:

    Eeek! I’ve already ordered my vaccine protectant, but was going to get one for my husband. I understand why your husband could have an issue with the liabilities, though.

  4. Joyce Wright says:

    Hi everyone,
    I got my vaccine shot on January 18- and will get my second booster shot on Feb 9 – that’s next week! Same with Elisa – have no side effects. Just a sore spot from the needle. I was hesitant in getting one but went ahead for the sake of my workplace and after reading this article from CRI Genetics. I will post the link that will hopefully help put at ease for some of those who are undecided in whether to get vaccine shots or not. I do not follow all those opinionated crap talks on all media formats as many of them can be sometimes misleading. Here is the link:

  5. Sharon says:

    I didn’t know about the vaccines 💉

    But the second part of the message has me grinning like a Cheshire Cat .. 😁 this is all the things I want to achieve . Being a psychic is my dream.

    I love seeing announcements like this

    Thank you

    God bless

    Sharon 🙏🏽 ✨

  6. Suzanne Munoz says:

    Hi! You did a vaccine protection on me and it made me feel so much more at ease getting it yesterday/ just have injection site soreness which is normal!!! The only “painful “ thing about was waiting 4 hrs in line in my car for it lol! Thank you both! 🙏🏻

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