Expect Short Backlog

Sorry guys but my husband had an accident on his motorcycle and suffered a head injury. He sustained a bleed in his brain and is now in a Level One Trauma hospital in the ICU in Galveston being well taken care of. For me, the dowsing rods just don’t cooperate when I have this level of stress so I will need to take this weekend and possibly Monday off. You all know I’m a workhorse so I will catch up as soon as I can. If you can limit your emails, that would be very, very helpful. And we WILL have the Quad Pay 4-payment interest free option on checkout in the next few days. Lukas is working on a glitch it seems to have.

11 thoughts on “Expect Short Backlog

  1. Michaela Pevalova says:

    Dear Elisa, I’m so sorry to hear such terrible news! Please take as much time as you need and take care of him first. Sending lots of love and healing energy for his fast recovery.

  2. Cindy Patterson says:

    Blessings to you and your family. Listening to “Channeling Erik” reminds me we are Spirit. But that does not mean our human life does not suck sometimes. I hope He recovers so he can enjoy life with your earthly family. Love and Blessings. CJ

  3. Anaelimont says:

    I’m so sorry Elisa for your husband’s accident. Sending white light energy. I am interested in services for a health issue and blocks. I will email you Monday so you can respond later in the week. Xoxo

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