As many already know, my husband had a severe head injury while testing his race bike (without a helmet which is SO uncharacteristic of “Mister Safety,” in the pit area. He hit a puddle while only in 1st gear and “high-sided”, flying off of his bike, landing on his face and head with a hard smack. He was unconscious for quite some time, was rushed to the closest hospital in Angleton, TX, where a CAT scan showed a severe concussion and a subdural hemorrhage (in the brain, itself.) He was then rushed to the closest Trauma One hospital (the highest level) and admitted to the neurotrauma ICU where he remained until serial CAT scans were stable. Now he’s at home, recovering slowly, while I nurse a very cranky, uncooperative and sometimes disoriented patient back to health.

I suspended the site until last night, but on top of everything, we’ve suffered two winter storms that knocked out our power (and therefore the server that runs this site) and water for a couple of days. I hope to catch up with every order by the end of next week. I am caught up through the first week of February and beyond so if you ordered anything before that, please check your spam/junk folder for my response. If it’s not there, let me know and I’ll check for the infamous “Quickbooks” glitch that may have let your order slip through the cracks.

Now for the good news! WE HAVE QUAD PAY AS A CHECKOUT OPTION so you can pay over time WITHOUT INTEREST. I pay the 6% fee but at least the services will be made available to more people who are in great need.

More good news: I’m testing out two new services and may launch the third:

#1 Relief from Addiction to Addictive Substances (such as alcohol, smoking, opioids (heroin, Fentanyl, etc.) etc. I’m testing it on some family and friends first. And if I get enough money saved up, I’d love to get a bunch of scalar generators to try to help solve (or at least mitigate) the opioid crisis by targeting the treatment to that collective. If I launch this one, I will have to screen people to make sure they don’t have an irrevocable contract behind thir addiction.

#2 Age Reversal Energy Work: I plan to test this on me and some other old fogies first with before and after photos but the Prayer of Intent, which I will refine with Erik today, will address more than physical appearance. It will also address physiology, mental well-being, etc.

#3 Consult for Discovery of Your Spiritual Lessons. Apparently, Erik says there are around 29 common lessons we are here to learn. Yesterday, I found out that my husband’s is humility and mine was Loss (checked that one off the list) and I am still working on patience and understanding (and I see this as I struggle to deal with my difficult patient!) ANd I think it would be helpful for people to learn what their major lessons are for this lifetime. I’ll get Erik to confirm that he wants to offer this and have him set the price.

By the way, these consults and the Yes or No questions aren’t as quick and easy as one might think. I have to spend a lot of time getting just the right Hz frequency to ask various questions and then I have to clear all negative entities, not only for that frequency, but also for the person I’m asking the question for. I often have to do these several times as the entities keep returning.

I am still testing the energy work for clairaudience and clairvoyance and haven’t yet tried the one for increasing psychic abilities.

BE SURE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE QUAD PAY OPTION and the offer still holds for all orders greater or equal to $1000 (as one order, not over time) for the person to receive all possible Atlantis Scalar merchandise from my son, Lukas, (who I will pay.)

18 thoughts on “Update on Husband’s Status and EXCITING NEW SERVICES AND PAYMENT OPTION

  1. Darlene Weinbrenner says:

    Hi Elisa! I have been praying and sending positive vibrations to your husband and you and Erik. I am happy to hear the good news that he is home and recovering. No better place to be is home with your loved ones, especially if your wife is a Dr! All the best to you guys, my love and well wishes are with you always. Darlene

  2. Daggi Lamaletie says:

    Hi beautiful gal! Sending soo much love and healing to Rune! Got the T shirt and know what it feels like ! Then try to do nothing as prescribed (6 -8 months) and see the fun and games begin! Also thanks for the Scalar treatment as ordered and blessings are flowing in but in most unexpected ways! I love you and Master Angel E. I call him Master E – (Mastery!)

    I’m thrilled about the payment option as that makes it soo much easier for us whose currency is based on The South African Rand eg. 1 rand vs 18 dollars.

    You are beyond awesome, just know that
    I love you Elisa!

  3. Nicole Brown says:

    Very sorry to see your husband all banged up! Thank God he is okay, and at home recovering! As well as your winter storms! We had -40 -50 temps up here in Canada, but we are more equip to deal with It. I’m sorry for all of Texas that is suffering through this.

  4. shannon thornton says:

    I am amazed at every turn! I have never experienced someone who gave so openly, who has lived with (I say respectfully,) so much loss. How it is that you give so much love and compassion where there was none. Please know that your efforts are not in vain- and reach so many of us! You are the “oh shit!” Handle I reach for whe this ride gets really bumpy!

    • admin says:

      You made me so happy that I sobbed. A good thing. My reasons for this is actually quite selfish. I am the way I am and I do and feel what I do because it’s the only way I know how to heal my broken heart.

  5. Peter Turner says:

    I am amazed at how much you give of yourself to your work. With such a rough ride you are an inspiration to us all. May the Universe surround you and your family with love and energy to fulfill your service to mankind. I’m pleased to hear your husband is on the mend and may he make a full recovery. Tell him not to forget his helmet next time!

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