Important Announcements!

FOUR MORE DAYS! DON’T MISS OUR NEXT ATLANTIS SCALAR YOUTUBE LIVE! There will be a free giveaway for the first one who says, “I’m an Atlantis Scalar peep!” in the chat thread. It’s this Wednesday November the 18that 2:30PM PT/3:30PM MT/4:30PM CT/5:30PM ET! Here’s the link: Also, check out my FUN interview with host, […]

Halloween Sale!

MAJOR SALE THROUGH HALLOWEEN! From midnight tonight through midnight Sunday Central Time, Atlantis Scalar has a ten percent off sale on all services. THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO RECEIVE THE ABUNDANCE AND WONDERFUL TRANSFORMATION YOU SO RICHLY DESERVE. Take advantage of the interest free payment plan. In the Energy Repair Protection and Enhancement service (and […]

PayPal at Last!

First and foremost, for this weekly newsletter, I am so pleased to announce that we finally corrected all the glitches involved with accepting PayPal as a form of payment for the scalar services (Thank you, Lukas!) So feel free to order using that payment option: Second, I am so relieved to reach the other […]

Business Abundance Service

THIS BUSINESS ABUNDANCE ENERGY WORK IS AN AWESOME NEW SERVICE YOU SHOULD TAKE ADVANTAGE OF! Gain financial abundance for your business! BEST INVESTMENT THAT YOU MIGHT EVER MAKE! In the scalar field, the intent script calls for maximum quarterly profits among other things. What’s Included in the Business Abundance Service: NOTE: TO ENSURE SUCCESS, ENERGY […]

New Maintenance Services (and Storm a Brewin’!)

First, a housekeeping note: TROPICAL STORM NICHOLAUS is barreling toward us. That means power outages and surges are likely and since the Scalar Energy transmitter and receiver are very delicate (and expensive) pieces of equipment, I will have to keep them unplugged until the storm passes. So orders will be delayed. I’d appreciate it if […]

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